* A ticket with an open date is valid 6 months from the date of the first departure for this ticket

Services / Feedbacks and Suggestions

You can send your suggestions; constructive proposals; complaint about poor service or, conversely, express gratitude for our service.
To send a message, please, select the subject of the message ("Complaint", "Proposal", "Gratitude"), fill in the required fields and click "Send". Please note that you need to fill in all fields!

Just in case, we specify, that we hope that the communication will be built on the principles of comity and mutual respect specific to adult-mannered people. Posts in offensive language, will not be taken into consideration.


If you do not like something in our service or there occurred any problem, please send us your complaint, describing its essence in detail. If your complaint concerns the service during the travel, be sure to specify the date of departure and route. We will try to solve the problem as soon as possible, and reply to you in writing by e-mail.
We would appreciate any constructive suggestion as for improvements of "Euroclub" in general, and in certain areas. We are also ready to consider options for mutually beneficial partnership.
Warm words of gratitude are the best incentive for our further development.

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